Style Your Curls With Confidence Course

If you have to use a hot tool to smooth out your hair, this course is for you!

Wavy, Curly or Super Curly this course will show you how to love your curls, everyday! 

 Hi, I'm Krista, One of Canada's Top Curl Specialists and together we can make your hair look the way you have always dreamed it would!  


What You Get With This Course

I designed this course to give you all the information, techniques, tricks and even product suggestions so that you finally have the gorgeous hair of your dreams!

6 step-by-step videos

Watch as I demonstrate exactly how, when and what to use to style your hair to get perfect curls, every time. 

Course Booklet

This is the "booklet" that became a book. It's a 71-page guide that will answer all your "curl questions", even on the go. 

Beginner's Guide to Your Wavy Hair

This guide gives you everything you need to style your wavy hair with confidence

Beginner's Guide to Your Curly Hair

This guide gives you everything you need to style your curly hair with confidence

Beginner's Guide to Your Super Curly Hair

This guide gives you everything you need to style your super curly hair with confidence. 

Wash Day Journal

This is a printable daily hair care journal to help you keep track of the routines and products you use, so that when you get that perfect result, you can duplicate it again and again! 

Bonus! Entrance Into the Exclusive Client's Only Facebook Group

This is the Facebook Group that I usually only allow my clients to join. I often provide tips and tricks inside the group. I answer questions and do Facebook Live trainings. You will also get to meet other curly hair girls from all over North America! 

Here's What My Clients Say

"Krista showed me the gorgeous curly ways I can wear my hair. By following what she taught me, I can now style my hair with confidence. And you can’t put a price on feeling self-confident. 😉 "

Amanda Marr
Client of Krista- The Curl Specialist

"I never thought I would be able to have gorgeous curls like this until I met Krista. Her cutting technique let my curls reveal themselves! Her wealth of knowledge concerning best curly hair products, drying techniques and how to ‘refresh’ between washes means I can go five days between washes and my hair has never looked so great and been so healthy! "

Lori Horwood

"I always thought that curly hair was my curse. I used clothing irons to straighten it in high school, and even chemically straightened it in university. When I finally decided to embrace my curls again, I couldn’t achieve volume or curl on the top layers of my hair... until I met Krista. She has given me flawless haircuts, but more importantly provided me with the tools and confidence to wear my curls proudly... I cannot thank her enough!"

Kaitlyn Miller

Krista Leavitt 

I am passionate about curly hair, and decided to create a private boutique studio that’s perfect for one-on-one learning. It's EXCLUSIVELY for wavy, curly, and super curly haired girls of all ages. I have the freedom to do what I love in a peaceful, quiet, and relaxed environment. I am certified as a Deva Inspired & Advanced Stylist, Curly Hair Artistry Trained, and Head Shape Matters Certified. I love teaching curly girls all over the world what I have learned about textured hair. With over 15 years experience as a hairstylist and a little time out to raise a family; my creative spirit still drives me. I look forward to helping you 'Love your Curls!'.

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